Installation image of the exhibition “Mixed Doubles: The Evan Penny Gift”
exhibited at the Art Gallery of Windsor in the fall of 2020. Photography by Frank Piccolo, Windsor, ON, GXZ Design Inc.

Evan Penny No One — In Particular #3, Series 1, 2001, silicone, hair, fabric, 77 x 56 x 5.6 cm

Left: Small Morgan at Windsor Sculpture Park; Right: Big Morgan (2021) standing next to Max Streicher’s Untitled (Tree), 2011, vinyl and motor, 194.0 cm x 110.0 cm x 100.0 cm at the AGW

A headshot of Naomi Peters. Naomi has dark brown eyes and dark brown, shoulder-length hair, and is looking at the camera with a neutral expression.

(L to R): Sorel Etrog: Study After Cezanne’s Five Bathers, 1968, canvas, two panels; Five Figures (Multicolour), 1967–69, oil on board, 2 panels; Five Figures, 1967–68, oil on board, two panels, 240.0 cm x 213.0 cm; The Bridge, 1967–68, oil on board

Derrick Carl Biso, Kindred Spirits, 2021, collage on watercolour paper

The Art Gallery of Windsor

The Art Gallery of Windsor (AGW) is a non-profit public art gallery that uses the power of art to open hearts and minds to new ideas.

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