Wintry craft scene, with a paper snowman, snowflakes, scissors, and other craft supplies on a blue background.

Winter has officially arrived in Windsor! A blizzard hit the region earlier this week, blanketing the city in layers of snow. If you’re looking for some activities to match our newly-snowy world, say no more: here are three crafts that are perfect matches for our wintry weather!

DIY Ice Ornaments

A Zoom screenshot of Olivier Maurice (left) and Micaela Muldoon (right).

Part 2 of our conversation with Montréal-based multimedia studio, Moment Factory, is here! In Part 2 of this discussion, Micaela Muldoon and Olivier Maurice talk about how to connect audiences to digital experiences, how to discover if your immersive experience is working — or not working, and how Moment Factory…

Micaela Muldoon sat down with Olivier Maurice from Moment Factory, a Montréal-based multimedia studio, and our new digital media production partner. Read on to hear Micaela and Olivier talk about how Moment Factory defines an interactive project, and how the company makes the user the “art” of the experience!


Evan Penny No One — In Particular #3, Series 1, 2001, silicone, hair, fabric, 77…

Have you seen this man? Does he look like someone — or perhaps no one — in particular?

For those who came to the Art Gallery of Windsor during the brief time that we were open in 2020, you likely caught a glimpse of Mixed Doubles: The Evan Penny Gift…

The Art Gallery of Windsor

The Art Gallery of Windsor (AGW) is a non-profit public art gallery that uses the power of art to open hearts and minds to new ideas.

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