The Art Gallery of Windsor

Feb 24, 2021

2 min read

Creative care: Finding peace in the elements of art

By Abbey Lee Hallett, Audience Engagement Coordinator at The Art Gallery of Windsor

Whether you have five minutes in your day or five hours, we invite you to integrate the elements of art into your daily rituals. You never know what new perspectives might catch your eye!

Being winter in Windsor-Essex, there can be quite a lot of grey days in our midst. This is why it can be so mindful and engaging to search for colour in your environment. Whether you’re going for walks or enjoying the comfort of your couch, seeking out colour in your environment can help your spaces feel brighter than before!

Our worlds are filled with lines of all types: straight, curved, dotted. Pick a room you’re familiar with and look around the space. What types of lines do you see? Do these lines help create connections between objects in the space, or do they create separations? What new types of lines can you discover?

Now that we’ve gone through the first two steps, take a breath. Look around your room. What shapes are popping out at you? Which shapes are subtler? Do you have any shapes that you particularly connect with? If you can keep filling your spaces with shapes that make you happy, go for it!

Now, take a moment to look at the walls in your home. What sorts of items are on your walls? Do you love to adorn the walls with artworks, plaster them with posters, or keep them emptier? Now, look at the negative space that surrounds you. How does the negative space enhance the positive space? The walls in our homes keep us cozy; let’s be mindful to give some appreciation to the walls in our homes!

It’s time to get comfortable, everyone. Look through the items in your closet. What different materials hang within? Which textures help you feel safe and cozy? Grab those blankets, sweaters, and slippers, and send some love to the textures in your space!

For more mindfulness, you check out our free art and wellness series Taking Care, occurring each Saturday morning from 11a.m. — 12:30p.m.until the end of March!