The Art Gallery of Windsor

Jun 24, 2021

2 min read

We All Belong: Student Art from Parkview Public School

The AGW would like to thank David Crestan, Anita Adamo, and Tracey Rilett for their enthusiasm and support of our We All Belong program.

This is a screenshot on a pink background of Derrick Carl Biso and Abbey Lee Hallett as they conduct their virtual collection tour on belonging, using art from the AGW’s collection.

Over the past few weeks, Derrick Carl Biso and Abbey Lee Hallett from the AGW’s programming team have been conducting virtual collection tours and live virtual visits with local schools to promote themes of belonging, 2SLGBTQ+ art and allyship, and anti-bullying. They’ve been receiving many artworks in response to this tour from students, three of which we are sharing today! These artworks all come from grade 7/8 students at Parkview Public School. Enjoy!

Artwork by Sabeeka Haider

“This is my art work for the belonging assignment. I get that flowers and plants might not be the first thing to come to one’s mind when thinking of belonging…I guess I thought it was sweet how everything in nature, from flowers to animals, have a purpose and belong in an ecosystem, and humans are a part of nature which mean we all belong somewhere too.”

Artwork by Komal Johal

This artwork is a coloured pencil drawing that features rainbow-coloured hot air balloons, and reads: “You belong somewhere you feel free.”

Artwork by Addi Elford

This is a black-and-white drawing of a rose that reads “roses need light to shine, don’t be the darkness that spoils it.”