And how you can influence their transformation

COVID-19 changed everything. It pushed public art galleries to make transformational, not incremental, changes that museum professionals have been talking about for years, but were hesitant to do: recognize that art galleries are made for people, and not just things. Equity has become an issue of strategic importance at the volunteer governance level — it’s no longer something one employee in HR does off the side of their desk. Art galleries need to be of vital service to their communities, and not view themselves as separate from their community.

The Art Gallery of Windsor is transforming. We have a new strategic plan for 2021–25. We hope you see the changes we’ve made since 2020 — in our words and our actions. But there’s more transformation to come. We want you to be part of the conversation around what these changes should be, and what they could look like.

On October 20, 2021 at 6 pm, I am honoured to host a conversation with some of the greatest makers, thinkers, and doers in the North American art world about what they think it means for a museum to be community-driven. Speakers include the incredible Damon Reaves, Head of Education at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC; Devyani Saltzman, Curator, Consultant, and Arts Leader (AGO, Banff Centre, Luminato); and Hiba Abdallah, socially engaged artist and educator, and member of Windsor-born Broken City Lab.

How can you join this conversation? Become a member of the Art Gallery of Windsor to receive an exclusive invitation. Join a dedicated group of supporters and advocate for change in our community. We believe art has the power to open minds and hearts, and to help people grow and change. Be a part of our journey.

I look forward to seeing you and our other supporters on October 20th.

Written by Jennifer Matotek, Executive Director at the Art Gallery of Windsor